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Atlantic Maritimes Tour

Join this escorted tour of the magnificent Maritimes.

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    12 Night Itinerary Escorted

    This escorted tour embodies everything you’ve ever imagined about the Maritime provinces: fresh air tinged with sea salt, stretches of sandy beaches and rocky coastline, posh but modest cities, giant lighthouses, and so much more.

    Indulge in a huge array of seafood dishes, from shrimp to lobster and perfectly fried scallops. You’ll visit tiny fishing villages, and chat with the locals over tea. You’ll discover that the Maritimes are one of the final frontiers of the world, where nature and rural living is still favoured over modern technology.

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    • Your Package Includes
      • Expert travel advice
      • 12 nights' accommodation at select hotels
      • 12 day escorted service ground transportation
      • Airport transfers
      • Baggage handling of one suitcase per person
      • Select meals
      • Admission to select museums and historic sites
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